Saturday, August 24, 2013

About Indonesian Food in Bali Island ^^

Hi.. Feels like long time I didn't update my blog.. So busy to prepared my wedding and helped my mom at home ^^

So today I'm not post about beauty or review some products but I prefer to introduce you some of Indonesian food in Bali Island. Just for your information I'm not Balinese but I worked there and I so loved Bali even bad things happen with me there..

As you know Indonesia has a lot of delicious food like rendang, empek2, nasi goreng or else that you already hear or taste it. I do not promote some restaurants and not getting paid just so I don't write the name of that restaurant just the food's name. I'm not a food critic but just for sharing. If you interest about the food and want to try it too when you take holiday in Bali you can messege me on my facebook here

1. Ayam Goreng Kremes + Lalapan
2. Ayam Bakar + Lalapan
3. Nasi Goreng Telur Ceplok
4. Ikan Goreng + Lalapan
In this restaurant has delicious duck grill so recomended.. I didn't take some pic of it sorry >.<

If you like fish you must taste this named : Bandeng Boneless Grill and Ice Lemon Grass so nice to eat when day hot ^^ and also you got beach view 

The beach view.. So nice ^^

Ayam Betutu.. I bought it near my homestay ^^ 

Nasi Tempong

Ayam Bakar

For dessert.. So yummy ^^

First time I went to Bali.. I afraid that I can anything because I don't like sweet. But in Bali even the food is from Java or Java tradisional food it doesn't sweet ^^

Some food I didn't post pictures because my father dislike I took picture when we eat >.< but maybe you can taste it.. You can try babi guling (for non moslem) and soto daging also and very easy to find. Remember to buy some cookies there like pie susu (milk pie) and pia.. 

I like stay in Bali because the people are very kind and have a lot of beautiful beach also. I will post it later.

See you on my next post.. XOXO ^^

Pucca In Love