Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sparkle Apple Giveaway

Hi all,

I do another giveaway post and this is from Sparkle Apple.. 

This is OST Pure Vitamin C20 Serum and you can also read her's review about it here

The giveaway will be end on 19 September 2013 and also the good news its open Internationally.. So don't waste time join with me ^^

See you on my next post..XOXO ^^

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mui Miu Mega Giveaway Collaboration with ITSDIVA LASHES - 50 Boxes Lashes Giveaway!

Hi all..

Today I wanna post about another giveaway.. For details you can visit Mui Miu Blogspot

The gifts are...

*this pic is not mine*

Only 25 winners will be selected and will be announced on the 14th of September 2013 so what are you waiting for?? Just click on the banner and you already there..

See you on my next post.. XOXO ^^

Saturday, August 24, 2013

About Indonesian Food in Bali Island ^^

Hi.. Feels like long time I didn't update my blog.. So busy to prepared my wedding and helped my mom at home ^^

So today I'm not post about beauty or review some products but I prefer to introduce you some of Indonesian food in Bali Island. Just for your information I'm not Balinese but I worked there and I so loved Bali even bad things happen with me there..

As you know Indonesia has a lot of delicious food like rendang, empek2, nasi goreng or else that you already hear or taste it. I do not promote some restaurants and not getting paid just so I don't write the name of that restaurant just the food's name. I'm not a food critic but just for sharing. If you interest about the food and want to try it too when you take holiday in Bali you can messege me on my facebook here

1. Ayam Goreng Kremes + Lalapan
2. Ayam Bakar + Lalapan
3. Nasi Goreng Telur Ceplok
4. Ikan Goreng + Lalapan
In this restaurant has delicious duck grill so recomended.. I didn't take some pic of it sorry >.<

If you like fish you must taste this named : Bandeng Boneless Grill and Ice Lemon Grass so nice to eat when day hot ^^ and also you got beach view 

The beach view.. So nice ^^

Ayam Betutu.. I bought it near my homestay ^^ 

Nasi Tempong

Ayam Bakar

For dessert.. So yummy ^^

First time I went to Bali.. I afraid that I can anything because I don't like sweet. But in Bali even the food is from Java or Java tradisional food it doesn't sweet ^^

Some food I didn't post pictures because my father dislike I took picture when we eat >.< but maybe you can taste it.. You can try babi guling (for non moslem) and soto daging also and very easy to find. Remember to buy some cookies there like pie susu (milk pie) and pia.. 

I like stay in Bali because the people are very kind and have a lot of beautiful beach also. I will post it later.

See you on my next post.. XOXO ^^

Friday, August 23, 2013

Miharu Giveaway Internationally ^^

Hi all,

Today I posted about another giveaway from and this giveaway is internationally so come and join..

Here are the gift :

*the picture is not mine*

Note :
* The giveaway start from 21st August 2013 and will end 25th September 2013
* Terms and conditions visit her's blog here

Good luck and see you on my next post XOXO ^^

Monday, August 19, 2013

Review Lulur Mandi Aku Ayu Aromatherapy Coklat Spa Whitening

Happy Monday all,

Selama ini aku gak pernah sama sekali pake lulur2an.. Yang suka luluran itu my boyfriend >.<
Setelah membaca mengenai perawatan sebelum menikah ada termasuk di dalamnya luluran dan juga baca dari forum-forum kecantikan ternyata banyak sekali manfaatnya *.* kemarin-kemarin waktu shopping liat sih beberapa merk yang cukup ngetop tapi kok sepertinya kurang sreg karena aromanya rata-rata hampir sama yaitu aroma bengkoang, susu or rempah-rempah..

Friday, August 16, 2013

Review Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Lotion

Hai all, 

Today I wanna review Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Lotion but I will use Bahasa in this posting..

Dikarenakan kemarin banyak yang nanya produk sunblok yang cocok untuk anak2 dan ABG di forum kecantikan fb membuatku tertarik me-review produk ini hehehe ^^

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Holiday in My Hometown Makassar with My Boyfriend and His Mommy Part 1 ^^

Almost a year past again after my boyfriend and his mother come to Makassar to visit my family.. Such a good memories to share.. In this you can also know where place are interesting to go in Makassar City ^^
*some of the picture was taken when only my boyfriend visit Makassar too*

Giveaway From Fels Love Beauty Blogspot ^^

Hi Guys,

Today I wanna share some giveaway from Fels Beauty Blogspot 

And here is the gift :

Note :
* All the pic is not mine ^^
* The gifts only for Indonesian or who living in Indonesia ^^
* Annoucement of winners will be done in 19th September 2013
* Terms and conditions you can visit Fel's Blogspot

See you in my next post.. XOXO ^^

Review - Kose Happy Bath Precious Rose Hair Cologne

Hi guys,

Today I want to review my hair cologne by Kose (gift from my cousin).. So confused how to review it because you smell it.. But I hope can help if you find some review for hair cologne.. So far, I think hair cologne just for baby but this is for adult..

this is the look.. so cute with pink metalic color ^^

behind the bottle all written in Japanesse kanji >.<"

Because curious about this I try to googling some information about this and I find it at (this is not promotion just for this review use)

*this pic I grab from as you can see the header*

And in some website *I forgot the link* told that you can use this when you go to night club to get rid of cigaratte smells.. Because I don't like go to night club just go to traditional market or mall *LOL*, the smells can last in my hair about 3 days (if I am not wash my hair LOL)

So my opinion about this are.. *dum..dum..dumm..*

Pro :
* Like the rose fragarance make me feels more feminim LOL
* The fragarance can last in my hair about 3 days
* Like the cute packaging 

Cons :
* Not sold in Indonesia
* Quite expensive about $12 - $15

See you in my next post.. XOXO ^^

Monday, August 12, 2013

Comparison 3 Korean BB Cream Matte Finish : Etude House Bright Fit, Etude House All Day Strong and Skin79 Orange BB Cream

Hi all,

Today I want to share about my BB Cream. I don't want to tell you about what is BB Cream and the function because I know you can googling it.

I like to search what the favorite of Korean BB Cream for oily skin and good oil control. So I got some of them..

Here they are 

From left to right : Etude House All Day Strong BB Cream #Light Beige, Skin79 Orange BB Cream, Etude House Bright Fit BB Cream #Natural Beige

As you can see Skin79 Orange BB Cream is more light than the other and you just need put a little for all your face use and for me Skin79 BB Cream is hard to blending than the other. 
I put all this BB Cream in my face for the comparison.. I don't have acne right now but I have big pore and very oily skin especially at T Zone area >.<

 * sorry for my messy hair because so hot out there *

My Opinion about all this BB Cream :

Skin79 Orange BB Cream
Pro : 
Make my face more bright, have good oily control, use just a little bit for all my face, comes in pump tube, can cover my inperfection
Cons :
Hard to blending

Etude House Bright Fit and Etude House All Day Strong
Pro :
Have a cute packaging and also with pump too, great smells even all day use, have good oil control, easy blending
Cons :
Must use more to cover my inperfection

Repurchase all of this : maybe yes maybe no because I want to try the other Korean Brand BB Cream ^^

Note :
*All my opinion is based my true experience
*All the BB Cream I purchase with my own money
*I am using Kitty Lens for this review ^^

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Sangjit Haul - Part1

Hi Guys,

Before I continued I want to said : Happy Eid Mubarak for all of you who celebrate it and for the other happy long holiday ^^

Today, I wanna share about my sangjit haul.. This is the first part because some stuff I didn't get or I still thinking what else should I buy >.< 

Because I will bring all this stuff for my engaged day, I can't review for you maybe later or you can browsing it by yourself..
Here the stuff :

This stuff that my boyfriend will give to me on my engaged day, actually I bough and choose it my self ^^
La Tulipe Cleaner Face Set (free lip moist too) ^^
Luric De Varens Love Parfume
Jasaeng Skincare
La Tulipe Liquid Liner
La Tulipe Eyeshadow Base

This stuff that I am bring my self
Etude House CC Cream Silky
Tony Moly Aura CC Cream
Etude House Drawing Show Gel Liner
Powder Face from doctor
Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Etude House Dear Darling Tint
Wet n Wild Lipstic (gifted by my mom ^^)

I bought 2 eyeprimer because I want to compare which one is more lasting ^^ 

Thanks for reading ^^

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Wedding's Video Songs

Hi Guys,

Today, I am not in good mood because my little sister make me angry and she didn't want to do her task that I give to her and she just crying just for that.. Gosh!!

So I prefer to modified my blog and writing something that I think can make me more happier ^^

I want to share with you some songs that I and my boyfriend choose for our video wedding.. Because from I was a little girl my mommy like to sing Chinese songs, make me like it too... And now Korean songs are nice to hear too ^^

Different with my boyfriend, he just know some Chinese songs and Korean songs.. So hard to choose because of this.. He likes Western and Indonesian songs.. Because we need a lot of songs we ask some friends and view from the website or youtube..

Because we don't know how long that video and photographer said that we can choose a lot as we want, so we decided choose about 50 songs *Hope you didn't get bored to read hehehe.. * Here the songs.. 

The Marriage Prayer 
It Takes Three
I Will be Here - Stephen Curtis Chapman
Love of My Life - Darla Day
Forever Love - Wang Lee Hom
This I Promise You Acoustic - Richard Marx
Beautiful In White - Shane Filan
Since I Found You - Christian Bautista
Marry Me Today - David Tao
I Knew I Love You - Savage Garden
Everyday I Love You - Boyzone
Take Me To Your Heart - MLTR
In Love With You - Christian Bautista
The Prayer - Josh Grorban
A Whole New Day - Ost. Aladin
Dream Come True
When God Made You - Natalie Grant
I Found Love - Bebe & Cece Winans
When I Fall In Love - Celine Dion
Cinta Silver - Glenn Fredly
Baby Now That I've Found You - Alison Krauss
Born To Make You Happy - Britney Spears
Sempurna - Nicolas Teo (Chinese Version from Sempurna - Andra and The Backbone)
I've Fallen For You - Toni Gonzaga
Until You - Shayne Ward
We Belong - Toni Gonzaga
Will You Marry Me - Lee Seung Gi
God Gave Me You - Bryan White
Sarang He Yo, I Love You - JJ Lin
You Are My Everything - Ost. Secret Garden Korean Drama Serial
Beautiful Girl - Jose Marie Chan
Ever Ever After - Carrie Underwood *Ost. Ella Enchanted
Everything I Do - Bryan Adams
Never Let You Go - Edward Chen
Perhaps Love - J & Howl *Ost. Goong
When You Say Nothing At All - Ronan Keating
Marry You - Super Junior
If You're Not The One - Daniel Beddingfield
Love - Nat King Cole
Because Of You - 98 Degrees
Because of You - Keith Martin
I Do - 98 Degrees
I Swear - All in One
Thank God I Found You - Mariah Carey
Valentine - Jim Brickman ft. Martina Mcbride
Wonderful Day - Diciples Music
Akhirnya Aku Menemukanmu - Naff
How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees
Thien Thien - David Tao
Be My Side - David Choi *send by my friend via BBM*
Its Gonna Be Love - Mandy Moore *send by my friend*
By Chances - JRA
The Way You Are - David Choi
Darling Its You - David Choi
Happily Ever After - David Choi

Hope you enjoy the song.. For the meaning of the songs you can search on

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Prewedding Photos ^^

Hi Guys,

Long time not writing because of something.. Today I wanna share my prewedding picture ^^ because my special day is near (about 2 months more)

My prewedding's photos taken in Bali Island about 8 months ago when I and my Boyfriends still working there.. And I make one of my dream became true.. That is using hanbok and cheongsam ^^ even not in my wedding day blessing or tea pai ceremony

The places are :

In door at Glamz's studio (Denpasar)
Taman Ujung - Karangasem (took about 4 hours from Denpasar)
Padi Field - Seminyak
Seminyak Beach - Seminyak (why we choose this beach because the beach looks like mirror)
Here I choose some pics to share with you ^.^

Pucca In Love