Thursday, September 5, 2013

Just 4 Fun - My 1st gift from Hubby ^^

Hi all,

According to the title this post is just for fun. I just want to share my first gift from my hubby and I make this post because soon I will be leaving it to my little sister T.T

I don't know why but when I was kid, I like something about cow. Of course not a real cow but some stuff about cow hehehe.. So because my grandma, she bought me an alarm clock when she went to Hongkong and now I think my cow alarm clock is elder than my brother and sister *LOL*

Another stuff about cow are dolls.. I have 2 big cow dolls.. One was gifted by my cousin and the other my mom bought for me. And all of them can be pillow. Multi functions right ^^

When my 1st anniversary my hubby gave me another cow doll *yippieee* but when I go home my sister saw it and she wants too T.T and she crying all day *sigh* so we (me and hubby) decided to give it.

So I made the picture to remember that doll ^^ *I think I haven't gave name O.o but my sister named it with "Sepi" (Sepi = cow in English)

Here some pic that I taken after I make over ^________^

She said "Haiii"

Be a supercowie

Am I pretty?

Lets go to the beach ^^

Pray before sleep.. I will be pray for you too ^^

Sleeping time...zzzzzzzzzz....

See you on my next post XOXO ^^

Pucca In Love